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How to select the digital marketing agency for your commerce

There is nothing more comfortable and, in turn, dangerous than outsourcing a task for which you are not trained. Handing over responsibility to a third party outside the organization is a decision that simplifies any activity because it allows internal talent to be concentrated on critical issues, while continuing to advance on other fronts. Yes, outsourcing is very comfortable, since it only requires money and results can be demanded.

Selection of Candidate Agencies

With your mind set on the premise that it is just discussed that in the digital world you can outsource, but only some tasks –it needs to be addressed in this publication the challenge of choosing an allied agency that contributes to the construction of the digital ecosystem. The objective is to present, throughout this document, the variables that are critical to making the correct decision. Get more info here regarding the category.

Negotiation with each agency

Note that in the previous paragraph it is been continued to speak in the plural, because other evaluations are needed to make the final decision costs, resources assigned by the agency, complementary skills, among others. The second part of the selection process for the digital agency begins with the presentation of the requirements. The leader responsible for the digital activity of the company must prepare a detailed document with what is expected to be achieved and the times associated with the accompaniment. With this document, the agencies will be able to prepare their proposal and begin the negotiation.

The selection of a digital agency to join the digital transformation of an organization is a process in which multiple variables must be evaluated. The first is the analysis of the moment the company is experiencing. The second, the understanding of the category.

Finally, evaluate those proposals by adding a review of five specific qualities: knowledge about the digital world, its additional competencies, commitment to planning, capacity for integration and desire for optimization.

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