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A home security system is responsible for keeping your family and valuables safe.

Benefits of Home Security System

  • It helps in preventing burglars from targeting your home.
  • It also serves as a preventive measure by giving advanced warning of an unsavory situation, thereby helping in taking preventive measures.

The common types of home security systems are discussed below.

Monitored security system

  • These consist of home alarms that are connected to a monitoring station.
  • The monitoring services are usually provided by the alarm companies.
  • Whenever the alarm sounds, the information goes to the company offering the monitoring services as intrusion signal.
  • The company calls the homeowner and if there’s no response or the alarm is not due to an action of the homeowner, the police are notified.
  • In case of a mistake on homeowner’s part, the alarm company verifies their credentials and passcode.
  • The alarm companies usually charge a monthly fee for the monitoring services.

Non-monitored security system

  • This system is not connected to a monitoring station.
  • They can be preset to dial the police station in case of a break-in.
  • In case of intrusion, an alarm is sounded and connected lights start flashing.

Wired security system

  • It includes discreetly placed low voltage wires that connect the components of the home alarm system.
  • The connection and components depend on the fact whether the alarm system is monitored or non-monitored.

Wireless security system

  • This system uses small radio transmitters.
  • The central control units receive a signal when the radio transmitters are activated.
  • The components are battery powered.
  • These systems are not susceptible to outside interference.

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